Monday, March 9, 2015


March 1

Well I'm  at 6 months which doesn't seem like much but it went by so fast. It feels like I just left home and now 6 months and Im still in the same and my first area! I finish training my companion on the 25 of march! Then Im sure ill transfer. Im hoping I go to Palawan but we will see. Things are picking up in our area we have found several new investigators who are reading the Book Of Mormon and also praying. Sometimes is so hard to get people to come to church because many people work on Sundays here. We have several investigators who really want to come but work on Sunday or like two of our investigators they have to go to the province almost every weekend. One of our investigators has already read all the way to Jacob in the Book Of Mormon and many others are reading on a regular basis. Its so cool when we ask our investigators about their reading and if the finished the reading section we gave them and they tell us they did. Many of our investigators will then expound on what the learned. Its way cool. In preach my gospel its talks about how the Book Or Mormon and the spirit are our most powerful resources for conversion. If people will read then they will feel the spirit and the truthfulness of the gospel. Reading the book of mormon is super important. 

Have a great week everyone!! I love you all so much!!! BYE!!! 

Love Elder Jones

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