Monday, September 28, 2015

Hello sa inyo lahat

This week was super good. Last Friday we had a service activity which was super cool. One of the Recent converts here, Brother Paje, lives farther away from the little town here in Quezon with his wife and son. Brother Paje is half American and Half Filipino. I thought he was from american when I met him cause he is white and looks like an american but he was born here and grew up here. He knows like 5 different languages and its funny when me and him talk to each other cause its like 2 Americans speaking Tagalog. Anyway his house really needed some work so Friday morning we got together with a bunch of members here and traveled to his home. All the elder rode in a trike. So there were like 7 people on 1 trike! It was way fun! The entire activity was a surprise so the Paje family didn't know about it. When we got there they were surprised. It was kinda like Extreme make over except we didn't destroy their home.We carried all the new supplies to their home and stared. We fixed the roof the walls and got a lot done. It was super fun and muddy since its the rainy season. My companion walked over to a tree and then suddenly he let out a loud scream and came running back towards us. We asked him what is was and he said it was a spider. Everyone was laughing super hard cause my companion is a pretty big guy and the spider scared him half to death so that was the joke of the day. Also our investigator I told you about this week just returned on Saturday night. Last night we were able to meet with them all again. The remembered everything we taught them and we also had an opportunity to give Joanna a blessing. She was the one involved int the crash. The family is all fine now. She is just still recovering from here accident. This family is really awesome and they are so prepared for the gospel. They will be baptized this October and I'm super excited for their baptism. 

Love you all

Elder Jones

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