Monday, October 19, 2015

Hello all

This week we were able to accomplish a lot of work. In our area we have many who need to be retaught the lessons since they have just recently been baptized and we have many progressing investigators who we need to teach all the lessons before they can be baptized. We have a group of investigators right now, the Alingasa family and the Almugera kids who are progressing very well and they want to be baptized. The only problem is we still have a lot to teach them. My companion and I have been talking a lot lately about how we are going to balance the work so we can finish reteaching and completely prepare our investigators for baptism. Our investigtors that were going to be baptized in October which is the Alingasa and Almugera will now be baptized next month so we can finish the lessons with them. But they are all doing so amazing. They retain everything we teach them and really want to be baptized. We have build amazing relationships with these people and I'm so excited for them. This week I also went on exchanges with an Elder In our district, Elder Vega. We had a great experience as we were walking down the street suddenly a girl walked out of her house and we started to talk to her. She immediately told us to sit down and we taught her right there and then. By the way the discussion went we could tell she is super prepared for the gospel. It was an amazing experience. It helped me to better know that there are many people prepared for the gospel we just have to find them. 

This week we have transfers again! Super crazy how fast time is going by. This is the week were my trainer or tatay as we call it meaning father goes home. This Wednesday he will return to his home. I also received a text from president ostler that I will be training. This will be me 2nd time to train. I'm really excited but I also was hoping that me and my companion now would be together for a little longer. 

Elder Jones

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