Monday, October 12, 2015

Hello Family

This week was so crazy and we had so much stuff going on. First on Monday we had interviews with President Ostler then Tuesday we had our P-day Wednesday was district meeting and we did exchanges. There are 4 Elders in our apartment and 2 more who work in an area called Rizal which is about 2 hours away from here and they are in our district too. So last Wednesday we traveled to Rizal and did exchanges and on Thursday we came back to our area. Friday we had daily planning and then of course Saturday and Sunday was General Conference. We were still able to get some great work in and meet with many people. 

Here in our area we have so much work to do. We have many Recent Converts who need to be retaught so we are also reteaching lessons we also have many investigators and we are finding new investigators who are also very interested. The work is great and there is so much to do. The only problem is there is way to much to do which is actually a very good thing! We are always super busy. There is a family here who almost everyone is members of the church except the parents and the two youngest were just recently baptized. We are always at their home reteaching Alcris and his little sister Nevia. Their three older siblings are all members and strong in the church and according to everyone their parents are now getting close to receiving the gospel. Their parents have been super friendly with us lately and they are very welcoming to us always. I feel that very soon we will most likely be teaching the parents. Alcris and Nevia are two amazing people here. Alcris is 12 years old and is a really strong kid. He spends a lot of time working on their farm he is also super kind and friendly him and I have become good friends over the past month. Sometimes he comes and works with us which is cool! Nevia also reminds me of Rylee and Taylor. She is a young girl who is super friendly and we have a handshake that we also do when we go visit them. Its so amazing being a missionary and being able to meet all these amazing people! 

Elder Jones

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